The Shameful Harvest

The Shameful Harvest

Truly thought provoking and well expressed Steve. Nice work.

I agree! Very symbolic Painting Steve

Posted by Holger . on Mon 24 Sep 21:00:46

The true quality of this painting doesn’t come across in a photograph I am sure Steve won’t mind me saying it is truly magnificent when you see the genuine article. Great painting Steve.

I agree with what the others have said....I looked at this for quite a while. An excellent painting, Steve.

This is brilliant.. As an ex soldier myself this resonates... My father and his father all soldiers would see something in this, unfortunately my father's father paid the ultimate price very thought provoking

Indeed, all wars are futile. Unfortunately some rulers do not care.

Powerful and very accomplished.

Hang on Studio Wall

This picture is a complete departure for me. Faced with a challenge to paint an image using a combine harvester, I took the opportunity to recognise that next month marks 100 years since the end of the first world war. The picture is intended to draw attention to what was the biggest national crime in our history, when so many lives were lost in a futile conflict involving large sections of the people of Europe.

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