Flowers for a lady

Flowers for a lady

Nice pastel Dorothy. I like too vintage.

This is lovely Dorothy, a real vintage lady, super pastel.

There's also a painting by .... um.... I THINK Francois Boucher, of his very young son in a similar pose; and this reminds me of that in many ways. Hands are difficult, aren't they? I think you've succeeded with them, but perhaps a little attention to the 4th finger of the left hand might help? But maybe not - you don't want to go fiddling with it now, I'm sure.... just something that you and I both might need to practise. It's a lovely painting as it stands, and I too like subjects like this now and then: a reminder of times past, and a gentler age (even if it wasn't, it looked as though it was!).

Hang on Studio Wall

Based loosely on a magazine picture from late 19th Century. The lady was superimposed on top of an article of words which were unreadable. I like vintage pictures so decided to have a go at this one in pastel.

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I have been very interested in art since I was a small child and spent many happy hours drawing and painting all through my life. It is something which I would have liked to have progressed with further but as so often happens, ordinary life took over. However, I am a creative person and from my…

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