Beach Ballroom

Beach Ballroom

That's excellent Dorothy, sounds like you spent some good times there. I see you were a sixties girl too, that's my type of music as well, you can't beat it😀

I like this very much Dorothy, not only for the excellent painting but the memories also.

That's good work, Dorothy. With the added bonus of nostalgia for those of us who remember the 60s.

Really good work Dorothy, lovely colour palette, I to have great memories of the sixties, I was married in 63 so it's our emerald wedding anniversary this year 🤗🤗🤗

Lovely painting Dorothy, I can feel the memories too! I especially like your lady in the foreground.

Thank you very much for all your comments.

A lovely scene beautifully presented. I love how all the elements work, and the colours are complimenting and enhancing the focal points in this composition.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is our Beach Ballroom where I spent many happy years dancing, not only to ballroom dancing but to the many 60's groups I was privileged to see in the flesh. Acrylic and pen

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I have been very interested in art since I was a small child and spent many happy hours drawing and painting all through my life. It is something which I would have liked to have progressed with further but as so often happens, ordinary life took over. However, I am a creative person and from my…

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