Boats... the journey continues


That a very good looking boat Dorothea, they are not easy due to the angles of the hull etc. What makes it harder is that every boat is different and similar at the same time. Keep at it and you will soon have it mastered.

Thank you Paul and I consider you the master of all things boating ( as well as cars, trucks, etc.). I appreciate your comments, encourages me to keep trying!

Hang on Studio Wall
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Still trying to conquer (if thats the right word) drawing / painting boats. After throwing away several attempts I thought this represented some progress.

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I loved drawing in my school days and I really wanted to become an artist (as my mother was) but was talked out of it and I did little or no art for very many years. When my younger brother died suddenly and unexpectedly, a couple of years ago, I re-evaluated what was important to me and joined a…

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