Sitting on the bench 2 version 2


Lovely series Denise.

How we took this for granted. Love your observational skills. They are really gossiping

Thank you Carole and Jennifer for your comments. It is a series I am enjoying and did toy with the idea of putting captions to them but decided to leave it to the individual viewer to invent their own story line. These two were certainly having a good old natter.

Always so well observed

Beautifully painted, don’t put captions you will loose the feel of your painting, you did not paint it as a cartoon don’t spoil it by making it one.

Thank you Heather and you too Paul I hadn't thought of it like that and am now pleased to have kept them as paintings without captions.

Hang on Studio Wall
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This is part of a series of watercolours inspired by various people who have sat on a popular bench seen from my office window. This version has the tree added as per the rest of the collection in this series.

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I got interested in painting several years ago and am slowly getting to grips with sketching and watercolour, still so much to learn but thoroughly enjoying the experience. I think I enjoy line and wash the best right now but this will likely change, like the weather as I continue to try new ways.

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