coastal rocks

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Another lovely piece. Super use of shapes and space.

This and the two landscapes again are a great use of shapes and colors by yourself Diane, really becoming your thing so to speak, nice ones, but I do like your pen work items also.

You’ve got something Diane. You have a natural ability to connect shapes and negative spaces that fit together wonderfully. What attracted me to this other than the above is the use of charcoal as a kind of outline/structure. Love it! Do you sell any of your paintings, you should? I would be happy to hang your art on my walls.

Seok, thank you so much, I am focusing on shapes quite a bit at the moment. Malcolm, thank you, as always I appreciate your comments. I will have to do some more pen work. Fiona, thank you for your helpful and appreciative words. I don't sell any paintings as I have only just started painting and I take that as a real compliment coming from you.

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic on paper and a bit of charcoal.

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Diane Boswell

I started painting for the first time during 'lockdown'. It is a process of discovery.

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