Dawn Breaks over the frozen lake

Dawn Breaks over the frozen lake

That does look so cold. You've got it perfectly Derek, especially the reflections and all the more interesting to let the mind do the work.

Hi Derek, I think you've totally nailed it with the lake pictures and the huntsman scene. Great aerial perspective and conveyance of geographical features. The pictures speak for themselves. And thank you for your kind comment on my painting 'friends at the cafe'. Worthy praise indeed from a talent such as yourself.

Posted by Ian Fair on Wed 03 Dec 19:58:12

Thank you Marjorie and Ian.

Great scene, I'm shivering!!

I like how all the abstract shapes come together, James. Super work!

Thanks Carole and Seok.

Very atmospheric, another great piece Derek.

Thanks Fiona, I'm afraid it might be ruined. It's on black paper and when I fixed it the colours disappeared at first and then they all lost their lustre. Might try and retrieve it.

Nice shimmery early morning scene Derek! I spray my stuff but from about two foot away and it is annoying when they do go dull or leave little round circles on the work but the further away the better. I love using pastel but find it very hard to keep pristine condition.

Thanks Sarah, still learning with the medium but might try and repair it.

Captured the cool conditions very well by the look of it love the light/ dark contrast

Thanks Ben, I like that effect too

Hang on Studio Wall

Quicky this afternoon using a photo I was sent, with permission. 28 x 20cm on Tizianlo.

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