Calling a Double

Calling a Double

It's finished! And it is great - the white horse is superb against the dark trees and all the hounds sniffing this was and that add to the scene in a very lively way. You have worked hard on this one and the result is lovely.

Thankyou Thea. I am pleased you like it

Derek, you've done a smashing job of this, all your hard work and frustration has paid off.

Well done Derek, this is so good.

The huntsman and horse are jumping out of the painting:) it looks 3D! Lovely effect and the hounds are full of life Derek!

Thank you Carole and Sarah. Lots of moaning and frusrtation but I go there.

Great work, Derek! Very lively, and good depiction of movement and speed.

Thanks Seok, I only hope I can finish the acrylic version neatly.

What a beautiful image full of life and action .... Thank you very much for your kind comments , and a very happy Christmas to you and yours ....

Thank you Dermot and all the best to you

Lovely perspective and atmosphere derek

Love the way you get drawn into the painting, starting with the White horse and then slowly each figure in turn, just as it should be. wonderful.<br />

Thank you Valerie, this was well before my adventures with credit cards and thanks for reminiding me, may enter into a critique in a couple of weeks.

The left side of this painting is my favourite.

Posted on Fri 26 May 21:33:03
Hang on Studio Wall

I think it is finished. Otherwise I would be fiddling and my hands won't work that well in close control to avoid smudging and making wrong marks. 40 x 30 on Tiziano. Calling a double is a terms used, two short horn tones to signify a fox is about.....I think.

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Eleventyeight as my hashing pals called my new age recently, it's supposed to sound better. Trying to paint every day in acrylics using only expired credit/debit cards, and partially succeeding as they're only for me and not show these days.

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