At Solent Sky

At Solent Sky

You seem to have concentrated on shapes in the painting Derek. I like the sense of depth in the sketch. It hold my attention.

Love the shapes. I am also intrigued by the lady's chin ...

Thanks John and Gudrun, the shapes were the catalyst for this work. The lady's chin is on a portrait, on the wall behind I did of my wife , which she hates and I love.

Hang on Studio Wall

25 x 39cms on paper. Based on my Urban Sketching couple of weeks back. Felt in another world - I hear you say, what's new? so bereft of subjects did this. Wanted to keep the sky hazy and the glazing a bit fazed, no sure if it's worked. Maybe I should offer it to the Great British Painting Challenge.

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Derek Snowdon

Eleventyeight as my hashing pals called my new age recently, it's supposed to sound better. Trying to paint every day in acrylics using only expired credit/debit cards, and partially succeeding as they're only for me and not show these days.

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