Super depiction of cliffs and rock and super use of colour to add more interest to the scene. Can I ask what the greens are in the bottom left hand corner of the painting?

very realistic portrayal of the cliffs and the foreground vegetation. I wonder if you added a little reflection of the cliffs and rocks it would add to the effect? Just A thought.

Thanks Thea I think it was pthalo green ultra and lemon yellow mixed wet and some magenta also in the area

It was a tough decision Stephen but in the end understated the sea and I hate going back to them so it will have to do. I usually end up ruining them

yes you are probably right Dennis I often ruin mine 'Improving' them! I just thought the rocks especially appear to be falling, just as figure often seems to be floating without a shadow to anchor it.

You are correct as they don't look anchored and I have made that mistake a couple of times. But I am only two years in to watercolour and at my age it is very slow progress and I am no zbukvic. Thanks for making me think

It works for me - I'm not bothered by the lack of reflection: you just don't get reflections unless the sun is in the right position; there would also be the danger of overworking the painting (certainly, I'd never go back to a watercolour, unless it had been a total disaster: and even then the opportunities to make it worse are limitless...).

Yes Robert we all see what we seek. Now if someone said paint it in and I'll give you a grand for it I might have a go

Yes we all see things differently, it would be boring if we all thought and painted in the same way! I think you are doing very well after only two years practice with watercolour.

Thanks Stephen one step forward and two back

For a grand, I'd paint just about anything........

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