This one looks ripe for the table, Dennis. Always found it a bit dry so we buy a crown for quick roasting. It's a very good painting and is unmistakably turkey. Super impression. Bri

Yes Bri bet it's got a few mouths watering

That’s brilliant Dennis! I love his purple stockings.

He'd rather you have chicken too!

Yes dressed to kill for Fiona and he certainly does Heather

He’s a handsome fella Dennis. Hope he escapes the chop!

I am doing an American President Trump and he's been pardoned and run off to the wild with his one true lover Tessa

A very grand turkey Dennis, spectacular!

Oh dear, poor soul. A beautiful creature and love your brushstrokes Dennis.

What gets me is they truly are I know all animals and birds are so superior to us lame ducks but so are ducks. Makes one think don't it .

Many thanks Carole and Carole nearly forgot to thank you and I know you know why

A beautiful creature Dennis, I'm glad you are pardoning him!

Many thanks Marjorie I totally agree

Great painting, Dennis. Love the way the subject fills the canvas. Vibrant.

Many thanks John that's my aim often nowadays

Christmas nearly here poor turkey , great painting

Best Christmas image I have seen Dennis.

Many thanks Ruth and Shaun yes I thought so too

Fabulous! Can see the movement like its making a run for it.

Cheers Jennifer it does doesn't ite

Hang on Studio Wall

I am not keen on turkey meat would rather have chicken. Sorry turkey lovers 😉

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