River bank

River bank

Lovely light effects, Dennis

Cheers Ronald just chilling with it

From life just wanted to catch the dream like quality of the day. Just beautiful silence and magical effects.

Love this Dennis. I especially love those trees melting into the landscape.

I know how you enjoy the coloured water flowing and margining, and that’s the way you view the nature. Watercolour painting is limitless experiment, isn’t it?

Where’s all the tight detail? Joking of course Dennis, this is what I like to see, let the viewer fill in the detail!

Fabulous effects in this painting.

So true Yoko enjoying the water yes getting back to water for a while Alan it is Norfolk you know 😎 and thanking you Heather

Lovely Dennis.

Very good, Dennis.

Beautifully atmospheric, Dennis, love the colours.

Beautiful and atmospheric, Dennis!

This is great Dennis I love paintings that leave the viewer to fill in elements of detail and this has it in spades. Not easy to get semi abstracts to hang together but you have masterfully produced a well balanced cohesive piece.

Many thanks Chandra yes I agree Barry

Beautiful flowye colours Dennis!

Beautiful soft effect Dennis. I see that you have posted many lovely works in the last three months. I am going to look at them all but won't be able to comment on them all.

Many thanks Tanusree and Sandra

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