Summer Skin

Summer Skin

Have I.....inspiration? lol Indeed we are Dennis, in our own unique way...... this was my summer skin last week, I wasn't too happy at the time, my own fault should cover up in the sun!

Get some sun I say Fiona it is full of goodness all life grows with it and water and we don't need chemicals on our planet they kill us all eventually. God got it right. I rest my cast.

And a very nice one for the boys, Dennis.

Where have all the insects gone there's hardly even a fly round here

We old guys need it Adele sweet dreams

Don't blame the sun she only shines it's the giver of life.

another word fantastic

It's a lovely nude Dennis. You say it could be any one but it reminds me of one of the girlfriends I had in Portsmouth in 1964. It's the eyes that remind me........ Anyway, I sailed away to another port and never saw her again. Bon voyage she said.

lovely loose expressionist painting Dennis

Many thanks Dennis Michael and and Ivan

Some hot spots there Dennis !

Whew the weather has been lovely Carole

I like the balance of warm and cool hues here, Dennis.

Wow Dennis... This is adventurous.. Fiona stop encouraging this sorry of behaviour lol...

Dennis, I've had a bit more of that glorious sunshine today....feels wonderful!! Hope you've managed to get a few rays?

Like it Dennis. Bit of a 'Bacon' influence maybe?

Many thanks Fiona i am loving it full of vitamin d great if not over cooked and many thanks Karen yes a spontaneous piece

Hang on Studio Wall

Could be any one just be happy we are wondrous

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