Muker, N. Yorks

Muker, N. Yorks

Predictive text I can well do without! This is Muker, not Maker!

Lovely sketch Dennis.

Great sketch Denis, has that sense of wanting to know what's around that bend!

A good clean etching Dennis - what metal are you using - copper , zinc , ?

A pleasure to look at work like this.

Mike. Thanks for your comments. I used a zinc plate when I made this etching. As I have mentioned previously, I have done very little etching - I do not have the equipment. But there is no doubt that I enjoy this type of work. It’s strange really. When I use my sketch book, which is my constant companion, I tend to work quickly and loosely - impatience I guess. Get down an impression and move on to the next subject which waits round the corner. When i’m Involved with an etching, i’m far more meticulous. Each mark tends to be carefully considered before it’s made. What is in my sketch book is mine but the finished etching is open to the gaze of scores of people.l

Hang on Studio Wall

I used a sketch which I had done in the village on a cold October morning to produce this etching. Muker, Hawes, Askrigg and the area around Richmond are all favourite painting locations for me.

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I’ve been drawing and painting for a long, long time. The first picture I have still in my possession is dated November 1939 and 83 years on I’m still at it! Keen on art at school and would have dearly liked a job with an art connection- I had hoped to get into architecture, but it did not happen.…

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