The Listeners

The Listeners

This is an enchanting illustration worthy of a fairytale book. Done partly in your signature monochrome, but with the added delight of shades of purple and lilac which add to the mystical feel. I just want to know what those rabbits are looking at? As always, such an inventive idea for a painting - love the vision you bring to your artistic journey.

I really like this one. The monochrome frame works really well.

Posted by K 0 on Fri 01 Jul 16:33:21

I really like this one. The monochrome frame works really well.

Posted by K 0 on Fri 01 Jul 16:33:22

Thank you Thea as always for your generous comments, I'm glad you like it.

Hi Kevin, I love monochrome and if I could only have one colour on a desert island it would have to be Payne's Grey ! lol

I am sure your grand daughter is very happy with this lovely painting! I like it very much! Well done, Debs!

Thank you Mia, and yes Ellie loved it - it matched the colours in her bedroom!

This is adorable Debs, I love it.

Lucky Ellie. Lovely composition.

I really like this one Debs, very original and stood out on the screen as unusual.

Thank you so much Fiona,and Brenda [ looking forward to seeing your galleries]

Thanks Carole, you've made my day!

Thankyou Debs for the lovely comment you made about Tinker very much appreciated. This is the first time I have seen your portfolio. You have some lovely paintings here I think I like this one best .It's because I still love fairy stories and this would make a lovely illustration for a book.

Posted by Joy Lee on Thu 08 Sep 13:02:52

Thanks for taking the time to look through my Gallery Joy - glad you liked this one I loved doing it!

Hang on Studio Wall

Did this one for my grand daughter Ellie.

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