I have just posted a portrait myself and also struggled with likeness. I am sure I could get a better likeness with a grid but I just don’t like the idea. I want to be able to draw what I see without artificial aids. Could take a while. This looks like a good portrait of a real person. Perhaps we should just not say that we haven’t quite captured the likeness!!

Sometimes I use grids sometimes I don't but they can be very useful especially when there's some odd angles or shapes in a face. Anyway, you have captured something of him and that's not easy so well done for having a good go.

Thank you, John. I think you are right. Perhaps we should say that it's just how we mean it to be. My friend is constantly telling me I will improve with a grid. I used to teach (not art) and I know some people need to start with detail and some with the big picture. I'm a big picture kind of girl!

Thank you Heather. It's interesting to hear what methods others use.

There is definitely a likeness there Dawn. I don’t use grids but I think the best way to achieve a likeness (if we must) is to look intently, repeatedly and constantly. It’s amazing how much more you see and how much more each piece of face relates to the whole. It’s a difficult process and the family portraits I paint are rarely liked by my family but I plough on hoping to get there, one day.

Thank you, Carole. I like the looking intently. We are searching for soul not just physical likeness.

I find it is a good expressive portrait, and likeness it is not big deal, Dawn.

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I struggled a bit with likeness on this. I went in freehand with my new Caran D'ache water soluble pencils from the off. Do any of you use grids.? A friend keeps telling me to grid up but, when I've done it, I haven't liked the results. Maybe it's not for everyone.

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