How I wished Xmas was when I was young.

How I wished Xmas was when I was young.

I agree Dawn. Born just after the war we were also pretty poorly off, but we always seemed to enjoy Christmas with with very little. The hype starts early and many people run into dept! I like your little painting and the magic is there.

Ah Dawn, Christmas already. I like the image and it's point of view...the girl on her toes expresses excitement. I agree with the sentiments you've expressed about Christmases past, my earliest memories of it are back in the late 40s/early 50s. Nobody had much then, but Christmas was still a huge event.

Aww this is lovely Dawn, being a war baby, things weren't easy for any working class family, but there was always something in the " pillowcase" and always an apple, an orange and sixpence at the bottom, nowadays kids aren't happy unless they have all the latest technology and games, it's a shame they seem to grow up so quickly now and miss a lot of childhood games out 😀

Thank you Carole, Lewis and Linda. Memories, eh?!

I was born in ‘47 but I always had a fabulous Christmas, with good food on the table and I always looked forward to finding the sixpence in the pudding, and afterwards, when all the clearing up was done, I played a board game with my parents. No TV in those days, but very happy. A lovely little painting, it captures the moment.

I grew up with my Christmases like this, I can't lie, we did have lots of presents under the tree. I have to say tho we had a limit not like kids today. They seem to have stupid money spent on them. I feel tight with my kids sometimes as I restrict them to £100 each for Christmas, and believe me that does not buy a lot, but I feel they need to know the value of money and that it's not limitless. Plus they get presents off other family members too. Some people go silly at Christmas.

Thank you, Ellen and Jennifer. I was the same with my kids, Jennifer. They had a strict limit. It helped that they spent some of their teen years in Cyprus, where you couldn't buy all the latest gear and the culture was less geared towards material things.

I so agree with you Dawn, I think lots of us here are around that sort of age and although my parents didn't have much we always had a great Christmas. I like your painting!

The Christmas of my childhood was, like many here Dawn, one of no great luxuries ( no, no luxuries at all.) One main present plus an annual of choice which your mother probably had to save weekly for quite a while towards, an apple or orange and a few nuts in a stocking and that was it. We didn't complain very much because everyone else was in the same boat, at least where we lived. It was still a magical time (I was an altar boy at the time and very aware of what celebrating Christmas really was about) but to try and tell the young of today how little we had is pointless. Grandkids text each other a Merry Christmas across the dining table today whilst peering out from under their new hoodies. It was our time back then and will always be cherished and never forgotten as such.

Thank you Margaret and Jim. I love how a painting can spark such memories and discussion. Lovely people on this site.

Love your little painting full of nostalgia Dawn. It was a time when presents were few but very much appreciated. My favourite present was usually a book or annual album, greatly taken care of. Still have some of them in great condition. The best thing about Christmas now, is having all the family around and playing silly games. Three of my grandchildren have just gone to Uni in September so I'm looking forward to hearing all their tales when they return home at Christmas. They won't be. Telling All I'm sure !!!!

Thank you, Carole. Enjoy your time with your grand children. Family time is very precious, isn't it?

Well painted Dawn, Couldn't agree with you more. Apple, Orange and if lucky a Beano Annual

It's been great reading all the great comments, Dawn - you remember the excitement of Christmas when you were young in the 40s. All the silly decorations, not the beautiful decor of today - the well-stoked coal fire and of course the stocking with, the apple, orange, and chocolate money and one big present and maybe an Annual. Like your painting - would make a good card.

Thank you, Maureen. I am a 60s baby, but my dad didn't work and neither did my mum, when it was something to be ashamed of and support wasn't what it is today.

Charming Dawn :) that outfit definately would not have been warm enough in our Scottish house!

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As a child, Christmas was a real struggle for my parents. One year we were given some second hand toys from a well wisher. We were so excited. That's why I chose to do a Christmas theme for the Inktober prompt expensive. As an adult, I confess to being a bit bah humbug, because I hate to see people feeling pressured into spending what they can't afford. Inktense pencils and biro.

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