Old man


Magnificent work of skill and patience David.Lovely.

Absolutely fantastic biro portrait - great detail and that hair and beard in particular amazing

Wonderful drawing David.

Great drawing - I have used biro, but only for doodling: and as I remember, it left blobs of very unlovely ink all over the place - maybe they make better biros these days!

What a beard! So well drawn, the wrinkles too.

Wow David, this is exceptionally good. Love all the clever face markings and that wonderful beard. Who would have thought biro could be used so skilfully.

Amazing drawing, fantastic detail.

Skilfully drawn David.

A fabulous drawing, David. I can see why this appealed, what a character.

Incredible that you have achieved this with only a blue biro! Wonderful detail.

Great skill, patience, observation and natural talent. A powerful piece.

Hang on Studio Wall

This has been drawn using only a blue biro. Challenging but great fun. Inspiration came from drawings on Pinterest

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Born in Guernsey in 1950 but now living in a small village in East Yorkshire Just retired so about to enjoy a life of leasure. Now I can enjoy my self and paint when I want at anytime during the week instead of just weekends. I have been drawing and painting all of my life and particularly enjoy…

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