“Help with lifting the crab pots” (Guernsey in past times)


Absolutely brilliant, so beautifully drawn David.

A fabulous drawing - such detail and great composition, can see why you chose to draw it!

Excellent work, and a great subject.

A great drawing David, as it is such a good composition I wandered if it is a direct copy of the photo or have you used some artistic licence.

Interesting subject, beautifully drawn.

Beautifully drawn David.

Hi Barry, I used the boat and figures from the photo but added the cliffs and some boat details. The outboard motor could not be seen, so I researched it knowing that it would be from the 50’s and 60’s in Guernsey. It should be a Seagull outbound so I found photos and used those to draw it in. That’s for you comments and interest.

Very skilfully drawn David.

Thank you all for your kind comments

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Graphite pencil drawing. This drawing was taken from an old photo I found of fishermen lifting crab pots off the coast of Guernsey.

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