My Angel (oil on paper 75cm x 55cm

My Angel (oil on paper 75cm x 55cm

This is the one you mentioned in the forum. I like it. One thing I'm hoping to get is 'weight', people are sitting or standing on things. This girl is reclined and although you haven't painted the seat, the 'weight' is there, also with her arm resting on the books. The dress is well painted too. I think it's one you should be pleased with.

Thanks Lew... The seat is meant to be a cloud. Though since I have no experience or idea how to paint clouds I just hinted at it with a few splodges of grey. I agree the dress turned out well... it was the first bit I painted and am not sure the rest was as good.

I said that a bit clumsily, I can see she's on a cloud. I'm saying the pose is dead right... she looks like she's reclining, whether it's in mid-air or on a cloud as in your painting. The suggestion of clouds works perfectly well.

This is so good David, I like the composition and the dress looks excellent with all the folds. A super painting!

I took the positive from what you said Lew so no worries. Thank you both for your comments :-)

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My friend Nataliya turned into an angel with a bit of allegory thrown in too. I am not sure how I feel about this one...

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Inspired by an artist friend I came back to paint a bit at the end of 2017. At the moment I am enjoying it and maybe because I have the patience to look more than I once did I am finding it easier and more enjoyable to actually produce a likeness.

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