Secret Cove


Great example of palette knife work and a really interestingly composed painting

Amazing use of palette knife and rendition of an interesting narrative Craig. Your markings are so expressive and economical. Love your treatment of light.

This is good. So much created with broad strokes of colour with the palette knife.

You ask for suggestions but I think it's all there. Perhaps the suggestion is know when to put the palette knife down. I don't think you need to add anything. Really works well portraying a blazing hot day at the cove. Nice one.

Thank you everyone for your comments. Fen D'Lucie I should have explained myself better, I was hoping for suggestions on an alternative title 😊 I tend to finish my paintings as soon as I feel my marks are no longer adding anything.

Alternative title: TURQUOISE SHORTS

Love this one too Craig.

Hang on Studio Wall

Hi everyone, this is one of my recent paintings, it's a 30cm x 20cm palette knife piece. I titled this secret cove, partly due to it's seclusion but I also feel it adds some extra narrative to my painting. However nothing is set in stone at this stage so I'm open to any suggestions 😉 I would also like to thank you all for your lovely past comments and support 😊 I hope you like this one🤞

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BIO UPDATE! Here is a quick update to my profile. Although window cleaning is still what pays the bills, i feel pleased with the successes I've achieved in the short period of time since joining Painters Online and first writing my bio, so I would like to share them with you. I'm excited to say…

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