A fantasie in four dimensions

A fantasie in four dimensions

I like it alot Crispian. Something totally different :)

Thanks for your comment

Wow,really nice,love the colours,thanks for the comment on my picture. Russ

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60x30cm This painting was inspired by the book Flatlands by Edwin Abbott. This is a tale of perfection, authority and misogyny, in undreamt of worlds and visions of the infinite, written by a Victorian clergyman who had a love of geometry. The painting was also a great exercise in flat smooth painting, from which I learned quite a lot!

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Crispian Oates

When I was at school in the 60's or 70's we were never taught art properly and it was a wasted opportunity. You would never give someone a violin and say "Have a go and see how you get on" with no tuition of basic techniques. However, we did go for lectures at the Tate and there I learnt to…

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