Pabay Arch

Pabay Arch

First time I have seen your work pop up so have looked at your very good gallery. My two favourites are Cloud and Rain and the Apple Blossom - one wild and dramatic, the other serene and beautiful!

My husband bought me a pochade box for my birthday, which means I have got to pluck up the courage to attempt my fist oil....out doors!!! I hope I can do as good a job as this Crispian. I look forward to seeing the rest of your oils, see if I can pick up any tips.

Such very good work done en plein air! It is not easy to work out of the comfort of our studio or home...Green is never easy to paint but I think that you have done a good job of it! Carry on, your work is great.

Very lovely image. I particulary like the rocks in the foreground. Everyone has their own recipe for greens; I could never get it right until I bought the Daler Rowey Georgian "Mixing Set" (or something like that) and discovered that pthalo blue, lemon yellow and rose madder will do for me under most circumstances... (with titanium wate as required). The same colours work in other paint ranges of course... even acrylic-that-doesn't-have-rose-madder-but-process-magenta-works-quite-well-instead.

Amanda thanks for your comments on "green", I'll try that combination

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I tried some plein air painting whilst on holiday, this is the first one, I used water based oils for convenience. The leave a stonger texture of paint with the brush strokes than the fast drying oils I usually use. The painting is 6x8 inches and I spent about 2 hours doing it. I find the green of grass hard to get to look right.

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When I was at school in the 60's or 70's we were never taught art properly and it was a wasted opportunity. You would never give someone a violin and say "Have a go and see how you get on" with no tuition of basic techniques. However, we did go for lectures at the Tate and there I learnt to…

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