Arthurs Pass

Arthurs Pass

I think it works - most certainly. The point is that it was taken FROM a photo; it wasn't meant to be an accurate rendition of a particular scene: I like the flat, sharp-edged areas too - more usually associated with acrylic (and a damn' sight easier to do in acrylic, I should imagine).

Thank you four your feedback, it is much appreciated Crispian

This is a lovely piece of work Crispian. I have gone through your gallery and you have some really good paintings and this is one of them. I'm quite surprised that there is only one comment because this has got a lot to say. It's a good abstract with lovely, pleasant colours and very interesting shapes. Thank you for the encouraging words for my Winter Solstice! Satu

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This painting was taken from a photo of Arthurs Pass in New Zealand taken from the air. I was fascinated by the braided rivers and went for an abstraction of land areas. it also was a good learning experience in painting flat blocks of colour with sharp edges. Be interested to know if you think it works

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When I was at school in the 60's or 70's we were never taught art properly and it was a wasted opportunity. You would never give someone a violin and say "Have a go and see how you get on" with no tuition of basic techniques. However, we did go for lectures at the Tate and there I learnt to…

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