Cottages, The Street, Galleywood'.

Cottages, The Street, Galleywood

Love the colours Colin 👌

A super watercolour Colin, beautiful palette.

Super painting Colin.

Love the colours, Colin.

How nice is this Colin!, love those pinks

Love this painting1

Some lovely touches here Colin and great palette.

Thank you all for your comments, they are always appriciated. It's the warm and cool colours that complement each other. Hope you have been able to see the demonstration video. Cheers everyone.

I love the use of light and shadow in this. Really striking

This would evoke so many memories if you lived there. Love the warm colour palette!!

An excellent classical watercolour painting Colin!

Lovely, Colin.

Hang on Studio Wall

I painted these lovely cottages working from a photo take on one of my walks near my home. It's the warm, and contrasting cool colours that really work well together. There is a video showing how I painted this watercolourt on, the Painters Online community video section and my YouTube channel, search: Colin Steed Artist on youTube. My website:

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Website: I started painting as a hobby back in the 1970's experimenting with all mediums. After a while I found watercolour and most recently Acrylic, suited my way of doing things. It's clean to use, dries quickly and with a small amount of materials you can capture a scene in…

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