Saplings in the Wild Garden

Saplings in the Wild Garden

Lovely colours and scene Chrissie

I like this Chrissie, particularly the colours used.

Chrissie, I really like your style of work. It's bold, yet the way you have built up colour creates a softness to it. I thought you had used pastels initially or perhaps mixed media.

Thanks Carole ,Susan and Louisa. I’m pleased that you enjoyed the painting. I found after a time that scumbling an ultramarine glaze across everything unified the painting enough so that I could continue with a limited palette. So I think it was maybe doing this lent that softness to the end result...

Beautiful color palette, and a lot of interesting brushstrokes Chrissie, perhaps indicating wind or movement thru this garden.

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic 37x35cms. Bit of a struggle with this one but I think its ok now!

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