A really lovely group of drawings. I suspect the background has come out darker than it really is; that happens to mine when I photograph white paper. I love the freedom of your marks in this one and you have perfectly captured that soulful expression that Springers have.

Thank you Diana. My daughter and family burst out crying when I presented the picture to them. Holly had died some months before. Yes, the originals have white in them but it seems to get lost in the digitisation. I photographed the picture and transferred it to the computer. A tip I received was to photograph a card with black and white on first and set the computer colour controls that way.

Wonderful set of drawings, but I felt I had to add my comment to this one especially. I had a Holly too who is also with me no more and it still breaks my heart. This is such a heartfelt and emotional painting that captures the wonderful adoring look a dog can give you. Really great work.

Beautiful capturing of this Springer Chris, lovely emotive work

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My daughter's late springer spaniel

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