LOUVRE • GEHU OP. 7 (Oil on Canvas)


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Scientists warn if all the world's ice on land has melted and drained into the sea, would raise and create new shorelines for the continents and inland seas. Therefore, global climate warming is a pressing issue facing mankind to work together. This work is a part of the “Mini-Novel Oil Paintings: IF ALL THE ICE MELTED” of A CH Painting Book (www.amazon.com/gp/product/1320342787).

About the Artist
CH Narrationism

CH (CH Narrationism) is a California-based world-famous Postmodern-Narrationism painter, art theorist, and bilingual writer. He earned a Master's degree in Studio Art from the University of South Carolina (founded in 1801) in the US. He is the founder of Postmodern-Narrationism. As a postmodern…

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