Calla Palustris

Calla Palustris

Your best yet Cesare - beautiful handling of watercolour.

A Bea calla lily Cesare, attractive style.

AHHH HAAA! This is superb, Possibly my favourite flower. I wanted them for my wedding bouquet [a couple or more years] but my mother wouldn't hear of it! Said they meant 'death'!!! I always hanker after them even now!

Thank you Marjorie, Carole, and Thalia for your kind comments. Hi Thalia, I never heard these flowers meant death, I knew that about chrysanthemum. I find calla it is a very elegant flower.

I couldn't agree more, Cesare. She had some strange forceful ideas! Beautifully painted these are!

This is a beauty Cesare.

A beautiful painting, Cesare - definitely one of your best...

I really like this! Wonderful impressionism.

I like it Cesare, good colours and great washes.

Thank you Alan, Jan, Skylar, Linda, and Maureen for your kind comments.

Lovely. I love these flowers.

Lovely lilies!

Beautiful Calla Cesare,


One of my favourite flowers Cesare! My mother didn’t like them either, they were funeral flowers.

Beautiful spontaneous work.

Thank you Michael, Linda, David, Anne, Fiona, and Sandra for your generous comments.

That's wonderful Cesare, what a gorgeous painting.

Thanks so much, Margaret.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour on Canson paper 300gr. 28 x 38.

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Cesare Romano

I am a retired psychiatrist and I started drawing portraits in my childhood. In adulthood I have tasted oil paints during a short period lacking in outcome, then I gave up painting. Since I am retired, I have started paint watercolour. I have attended courses and workshops of watercolour in Italy…

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