Another superb piece, Cesare. The detail around the eyes really brings the painting to life. Superb use, too, of warm and cool washes.

Lovely eyes.

Thank you Seok and Linda for your kind comments.

There's a sadness in the eyes, good portrait Cesare.

Lovely portrait Cesare

Lovely portrait again Cesare you've got this mastered now , well done .

We are all refugee of a kind Cesar. All looking for our way home. Super eyes on this piece.

He has sparkle in his eyes. Perhaps a sign of relief.

Posted on Fri 02 Feb 13:55:00

I always say it Cesare but your portraits are always incisive lovely

Thank you Marjorie, Petra, Dennis, John, Ibolya, and Dennis for your kind comments.

Really good portrait Cesare.

Very good portrait Cesare, you are working well !!

Great work Cesare - I am always amazed at how you manage to get so much expression into such economical brushstrokes and have been thinking for some time that maybe my obsession with detail needs to be curtailed and I need to be looking at a different style. Ottimo lavoro Cesare - Sono sempre stupito dal modo in cui ti esprimi così tanto con pennellate così economiche. Ho pensato per un po 'di tempo che ho bisogno di cambiare la mia ossessione per i dettagli e trovare uno stile o un mezzo diverso.

Wonderful eyes Cesare, lovely use of watercolour.

Fantastic portrait, Cesare. The eyes carry a mixture of emotions, but what really stands out is your empathetic treatment of the subject. I warmed to this man. Well done, Sir. Brian

Thank you Fiona and Brian for your kind comments.

Thank you Margaret, George, Carole, and Marilyn for your kind comments. Hi Marilyn, my style come from my impatience. I must paint a portrait in one session, if I left it out I lose interest in rework it. I have now a portrait unfinished left out on my easel and I don't know if I will finish it. Ciao Marilyn, il mio stile deriva dalla mia impazienza, io devo finire un ritratto in una sola sessione. Se non lo finisco perdo interesse nel riprenderlo. Proprio ora ho un ritratto non finito sul mio cavalletto e non so se lo riprenderò.

So expressive and skilfully done.

Superb portrait Cesare as always.

A truely beautiful portrait, Cesare. There is pain and a humbleness shown, very moving.

Thank you Carole, Sandra, and Ann for your kind comments.

Your watercolour portraits really stand out Cesare, another great piece. I did mention last year about oil paints, any thought's on this for the new year?.

Great work.

Posted by T H on Sat 03 Feb 10:19:59

Thank you Alan and Timothy for your kind comments.

Hi Alan, I'm not ready for oils portraits, skin tones in oils are too hard, maybe some oil landscapes.

Thank you, Gudrun.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour 24 x 30 cm. This is a new version from another photo of a portrait I made a long time ago.

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Cesare Romano

I am a retired psychiatrist and I started drawing portraits in my childhood. In adulthood I have tasted oil paints during a short period lacking in outcome, then I gave up painting. Since I am retired, I have started paint watercolour. I have attended courses and workshops of watercolour in Italy…

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