Flowers (playing with washes)

Flowers (playing with washes)

Yes I like it and isn't it great fun just playing - you never quite know where you are going and yet the destination is rarely a let down - and it wasn't here.

Look like tulips blowing in the wind to me! Lovely, Cesare.

Great experimenting isn't it Cesare?

Thank you Michael, Margaret, and Carole for your kind words. Yes Carole, it is fun play with washes. I have added in some place of the paper arabic gum making colours spread slowly with beautiful shapes.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour on Canson paper 120lb A4.

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Cesare Romano

I am a retired psychiatrist and I started drawing portraits in my childhood. In adulthood I have tasted oil paints during a short period lacking in outcome, then I gave up painting. Since I am retired, I have started paint watercolour. I have attended courses and workshops of watercolour in Italy…

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