Portrait of my brother

Portrait of my brother

Great first attempt Cesare, the shadows and highlights give good facial expression.

Suits your style beautiful Cesare

Many thanks Carole and Dennis for your kind encouragements much appreciated.

A really good exercise Cesare, well constructed ,with good symmetry and proportions. Well painted. I like the way you made him less handsome than yourself portrait

Great first oil portrait, Cesare - I've never tried an oil portrait, so I'm very impressed!

Many thanks André and Jan for your kind comments.

More than just an exercise - great result Cesare

This is a bold effort Cesare, and a good result also, keep on with these oils, you're getting there with them.

Great effort Cesare, I'm very impressed and happy for you. Keep practicing with the oils!

Many thanks Michael, Alan, Satu, and Gudrun for your kind comments. I am touched by your great encouragements.

It's a very expressive piece, Cesare, and a very creditable first attempt. Can't wait to see more!

Many thanks, Seok, for your kind encouragement.

Hang on Studio Wall

Warer-soluble oil on canvas paper. This is my first maladroit attempt at oil portrait, made with leftover colours only for exercise.

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Cesare Romano

I am a retired psychiatrist and I started drawing portraits in my childhood. In adulthood I have tasted oil paints during a short period lacking in outcome, then I gave up painting. Since I am retired, I have started paint watercolour. I have attended courses and workshops of watercolour in Italy…

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