The view from our villa

The view from our villa

Lovely colour combination, don't give up on the watercolour, it is hard at first knowing how much water to add, it's just trial and error at first but it will come the more you practice 😀

Lovely work Carolyn. As Linda said, keep at the watercolour, they say if you can master it then you can paint with anything as watercolour is the most difficult.

Thank you Linda and Margaret I won't let it beat me but it will take time I know. I tried to be "arty" with the colours. The sky is not as red as the photo and I've darkened the Mosque as it was a paler blue but I quite like the effect.

The colours are lovely Carolyn. You have managed to portray the heat of early evening and the mosque is very majestic.

This looks lovely great colours and I envy your view Carolyn. Not many people ever find watercolour easy as it is so unpredictable I think that's what makes it addictable ( if there is such a word!) Keep going Carolyn it's a marvellous media :)

Thank you for your support Carole. I won't let it beat me! Might just have to look at different ways to use it.

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Watercolour painting of the view of the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi at sunset. The mosque was lit up in the evening and was blue. I used a photograph that I took as a reference. This is an A4 image. I am trying very hard to like watercolour!

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