Bodie and Doyle

Bodie and Doyle

I think she’ll love this, Carolyn.

Really good Carolyn a difficult pose that you have captured very well

It's very difficult to paint two animals but you have mastered this well Carolyn. their names! All great postings Carolyn.

Wow, two together, clever stuff. Your friend is going to love her card Carolyn.

Thank you very much everyone for such kind comments. On the reference photo Doyle (the black and white cat) was at the side of Bodie on a garden sunbed but I decided to move the two of them into this pose so that i could have both together in the card!

Very nicely done, you have done the fur so well and the anatomy is perfect, maybe you could use a thinner brush for those whiskers though or the side of a piece of card or something because perhaps they are a tad heavy.

Thank you David, yes I thought the whiskers were heavy too, but I used a 0.1 white pen to make them as thin as I could, Its probably because the drawing is so small. I like the idea of the side of a card and will try that when i am painting, thank you.

Hang on Studio Wall

A5 birthday card for my friend. drawing of her 2 cats.

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I am a retired Physical Eduction Teacher of 33 years. Having always regretted choosing to study Physics O' Level over Art, (and not having done any artwork since then apart from doodling during meetings!...) I decided on my retirement in August 2016 that it was time to start drawing and painting…

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