Forum Challenge. 'Two faced'

Forum Challenge. 'Two faced'

Thanks Jennifer. It is a resurrected pic

It's going towards Picasso Carolyn, yes, I think it's a juxtaposition.

Like Marjorie said, I thought of Picasso when I first saw it. Brilliant.

I think it's very clever Carolyn, I think we all have very different ideas about this challenge, some are brilliant, some I just don't get, this to my mind fits the bill. 😀

'Two things placed close together with contrasting effect'. Your super drawing certainly fits the bill for me Carolyn. Clever and well done!

This is a great idea Carolyn, imaginative, original, sensitive and beautifully done. A definite case of juxtaposition.

It fits perfectly Carolyn.

Thank you so much Marjorie, Ellen, Linda, Louise, Carole K and Carole S for your lovely comments.

This certainly fits the bill, Carolyn. Great idea!

This is great Carolyn and definitely juxtaposition! Super drawing and very different.

Just noticed this one, Carolyn - clever juxtaposition!

Hang on Studio Wall

I'm not sure this fits the bill but never mind !

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