Winter has Come to The Forest


Delightful, Christmassy and spot on. I walk in the woods , near my house, virtually every day, and this is exactly how they stand and stare. Amazingly, the wild deer get to know you and don't run off so quickly. Very believable pastel. Best Bri

Beautiful use of colour and of the medium. Love it.

Beautiful, love your palette. Softness of falling snow captured so well.

They are beautiful Carole, a lovely snow scene, your experiment with snow is very effective..

Fine work, Carole. I like the limited palette, and the snow is done so well.

Beautiful snow background.

Lovely snow scene, Carole, would make a great Christmas card.

That's great Carole, love the way you have created the snow

Experiment has worked - good one Carole

Very many thanks to Brian, Jacqueline, Romila, Lesley, Lewis, Kwok, Jenny, Linda and Heather for you lovely comments. For any one that uses pastels, I shaved a white pastel stick, using a craft knife then placed a sheet of grease proof paper over the painting and applied pressure with my hands, then placed heavy books over the painting and left them for a while so the white pastel was impregnated into the pastel paper.

Such a striking painting Carole, the colour combination is a real eye catcher. Thanks for the pastel tip.

Meant lovely and well pasteled

Super painting Carole and thank you for the tips on snow- the effect is very good. I’ll be trying it!

Many thanks Fiona, Dennis and Christine for your positive comments. Much appreciated.

Lovely painting Carole, I love how you did the snow with pastels.

Lovely use of pastel, very wintry Carole.

That's a very clever way to use the white pastel Carole. The painting really stands out.

This is beautiful Carole. Love the colours and the snow is very effective.

Thank you Gillian, Carole, George and and Diane for such kind comments. Very heart warming.

How lovely, Carole - would make a great Christmas card.

Really lovely christmassy feel.....which we all need at the moment.

Lovely painting.Especially Luke the colour palette you have used

Lovely composition, a successful experiment, the snow works a treat.

Lovely snowy scene. I particularly like the bluish background.

It's so lovely, Carole!!! I like these colors.

Wonderful shouts Christmas

I love the snow and your colour palette is gorgeous

Hang on Studio Wall

12” x 14” Soft pastels with pastel pencils. A bit of an experiment in using snow in the background, in pastels.

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