Thanks... I just did it to explore shades of water in sea so that I can do something else with it..

I see you do digital as well. Manashree.

its not digital its on handmade paper if you wish to know you can find out from the green portion as it has been bit messy as black is spreaded more..

Very effective Manashree, really like the deep foreground tones set against the sea and the jumbled waves and the tones within them, nice one.

Well it's an exquisite piece of work Manashree. I suppose it must be watercolour. But why I said digital is because paint programmes will make an effect like this when overlayed on a photograph. Very talented Manashtee. You should explore what you have here.

Beautiful painting, Manashree.

Thank you so much everyone for the wonderful comments. Well, its a time to reveal secret. This is actually oil on A4size handmade paper blended with linseedoil and then for the sea I have used a pinch of salt to give effects and then removed. Salt is used where waves are highlighted.. Actual funda is when you put a pinch of salt in linseed oil it actually floats but when you press it with brush it creates a stain on colour which looks beautiful after drying.Try this one if you like it..

We are seeing another side to your artwork Manashree. You have got very interesting effects going on here.

Magnificent, and I love the sea wherever

If its for sale Manashree? I would like to buy it

A superb piece Manashree

What an interesting technique that you use for the waves! Lovely coastal scene.

Hang on Studio Wall

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