UK Series 1, #5: Producer


Love this Rikke.

This really superb, Rikke. Full of interest and I love that basket of vegetables in the forefront.

Lovely - composition and colours

Great imagination, Rikke, and the tractor looks just right!

Lovely work Rikke

Thank you Denise, David, Jenny, Jan and Val. Much appreciated.

The good old days nicely captured rikke.

A cracking sunlit painting, brilliant from imagination.

Thank you Spencer, Ronald and Lewis. Much appreciated.

I can’t begin to imagine how one creates such detailed and accomplished paintings digitally. I must look into it, don’t want to be a dinosaur 😊

Thank you Heather and Katy. Much appreciated.

Wonderful Rikke, and from memory? Wow! The tractor you have painted is an early Eicher, and very good too. I had never seen one of these until last year at an antiques fair.

Thank you Frank. I saw it in Strasbourg about 2 weeks ago but couldn't remember the name - that's why the emblems fuzzy.

Super vintage Rikke ! So much to look at.

Thank you Richard. Much appreciated.

Thank you Romila and David. Much appreciated.

Hang on Studio Wall
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Farmer or Producer - I prefer Producer. A noble profession. Long hours and hard work. The tractor is from memory - I hope I got it right. All the other stuff is just my imagination.

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Rikke Jergyes

My first name is Danish and is pronounced "Ricky". I am married and have a 10 year old son. His mother and I are home schooling him Cambridge International. We live in Montmartre, Paris. I mostly work from home so I have some free time to dabble in art. All my paintings and drawings are digital.

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