Boston Tea Party Cafe Bath


ONE HOUR!! Incredible achievement and a super painting. The light is so believable, as is the general hubbub. The eye does the work. Bri

Tell us, at least, that you took longer than an hour when you include any drawing you had to do ...... give us mere mortals hope...!

Wonderful painting - I know the spot well. Did your hour include planning time?

Wonderful painting Barry, great light and shadows.

Thank you Bri, Robert and Linda, did include a simple drawing and lots of wet in wet painting. I try to do most of my watercolours in that time frame and then I stop before I get to the fiddling stage. Don’t always stop in time and of course I don’t post the ones I spoil.

Amazing in one hour and many congrats it's lovely

Thank you Cesare and Linda I appreciate your comments.

Wow, this is good Barry! Full of life and lovely.

I have to agree with Brian on this, Barry...great painting!

You have packed a lot in in one hour in this loose lively watercolour, Barry.

Such a complex scene to portray in an hour, love that colourful tree!

Thank you Shirley, Thalia, Ronald, Maureen and Stephen I do love this sort of street scene with the contrast in light and with lots of people. I find that although they appear busy that I can complete them in three washes the final one being some detail and dry brush. I find that taking more time ends up with me spoiling the freshness of the washes and covering up some of my best and most interesting brush strokes.

I love it! Sometimes when we just concentrate and let ourselves go into the flow without too much fussing it works better ... and it has here!

Absolutely wonderful watercolour.

Hang on Studio Wall

From a photo I took on a sunny day in Bath. Quarter Imperial watercolour painted loosely in less than an hour.

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