Leamington Spa

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This is very good !a lovely watercolour

A lovely conglomeration of rooves and spires… make sure you frame it.🙃

Lovely and all those angles too!

Lovely painting David

This is another well balanced well painted and well drawn piece of quality work from you David.

This is lovely :)

Great angles David, much to look at here.

Excellent painting David, very good perspectives

There are so many places I’ve never visited in England, this looks to have real charm. I especially like the effect of sunlight on the buildings with the warm washes you’ve used, David.

This is super, David, it really sings out. I can hear the bells!

A very challenging painting to execute, with all the various angles but you've more than met the challenge, David. Nicely done!


Posted by Mae Webb on Sat 18 Sep 06:25:35
Hang on Studio Wall

A watercolour closer to my home - the skyline of this Warwickshire town down the road from where I live!!

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