St Basil's

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Love it David, very well drawn indeed.

Another good detailed drawing David. Can't keep up with you today! Well done.

Very good indeed

Great drawing and pen work David.

Nice clean work, simple detailing hides the intricacy of the whole.

Very good David, Impressive drawing with just enough detail of this Cathedral, and having been to Moscow once it would have been easy to over complicate, as it is a wonderful building but intricate.

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An ink sketch of this extraordinary church in Red Square, Moscow. When I visited a number of years ago I was fascinated how the interior of the church was partitioned off into discrete areas.

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I am a retired civil engineer who has been sketching and painting watercolours and acrylics as a hobby for the past twenty years or so. I grew up in Africa and worked in Southern Africa and Botswana for a number of years but have spent the past forty years or so resident in England with my…

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