A lovely study.

S/he's just purrrfect in every way, Audrey

So beautiful and well done

Gorgeous kitten beautifully painted Audrey.

Oh, no! You're not a purist! You used gouache! Hahaha! I'm just bugging you! I love the kitten Audrey and I think you did amazing job at bringing his softness. I'm just making fun of you because I stayed away from watercolors for a while because I was told that using opaque white is not true watercolors and that the "real" artist would never do that but would preserve the white of the paper and preferably not use any masking fluid either. I actually am awed that some artist can paint in this purist style but I also don't see anything wrong with taking a different approach or even using watercolors in mixed media. Happy painting1

How beautiful!

Want one! Audrey this is so beautiful, you’ve caught the vulnerability as well as the cuteness.

Fabulous Audrey and oh so,so cute and SOFT.

So sweet - good watercolour, Audrey -love the way he/she is standing.

Just irresistible! The eyes are beautifully expressive.

The kitten is so beautiful. Lovely painting

Fabulous you have so captured this lovely little kitten. Love the softness.

Hang on Studio Wall

Beautiful little kitten I have been asked to paint. Challenge getting the softness of the kitten fur. All painted in watercolour but I used some white gouache for the finer hairs.

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Audrey Hynds

I am a self taught artist living in Co Down. I love watercolour and paint a variety of subjects including flowers, wildlife and of course my grandchildren.

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