Debbie's Cat

Debbie's Cat

Works a treat Audrey. Love this soft look it suits the cat so well.

Excellent try. Lovely eyes and character of your pets as I could find in your soft colour painting.

This is lovely - I really like the effect of movement you&#39;ve achieved with the watercolour paint.<br />.

Nice painting, Audrey, lovely soft colours

A beautiful atmosheric painting the softness that you have achieved.

I love the way he melts into the paper understated by just right!

A lovely watercolour. Entirely agree with Linda&#39;s comment.

Soft and effective method Audrey.

This is so delicately painted, Audrey. I love your palette! This is a beautiful painting. You have mastered wet-in-wet on your first attempt! Clever girl!

Really nice piece of watercolour.

Hang on Studio Wall

My friend debbie's lovely cat. Tried new method of wetting entire page and applying first wash to give furry look.

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Audrey Hynds

I am a self taught artist living in Co Down. I love watercolour and paint a variety of subjects including flowers, wildlife and of course my grandchildren.

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