A Sunny Day in London Town

A Sunny Day in London Town

That's a cracker, Seth. You're getting better and better! (Do you get sunny days in London?)

Haha. Thanks Lewis. We do occasionally get a sunny day.

Thank you Seth for your nice comment. I was looking at yours as you were looking at mine 😇. I do love you your street scenes .

What a beauty Seth, I like this, good perspective and figures.

I'm glad the sun's shining somewhere, Seth. I really like this for its charm and believability. The style is also very appealing. My only suggestion, in the way of feedback, is you might consider aligning the letters on "Jim's" with the angle of the canopy/awning. Otherwise the style really is super. Enjoyed looking at this Brian

Thank you, Lewis, Sylvia and Margaret. Brian, thanks for your helpful feedback. You're right. I knew as soon as I did the lettering, it was wrong, but too late then

This one is really terrific, Seth, enjoy your street scenes SO much...keep 'em coming, that man!!!

This is very colourful and interesting.

Very good work Seth, always difficult to give advice without seeing the source. What I do as a general rule is to eliminate detail in the distance and just paint the shapes in a blue grey. This has the effect pushing them back and bringing your foreground forward.

What a cracker Seth! I agree with Lewis you’re getting better......I think also, you are using less pen work? Looks good.

Pen and wash is so effective as shown here.

Posted on Sun 08 Apr 20:20:48

Thank you Thalia and Majorie. Thanks for your helpful advice, Barry. I'll remember that in future. Thanks Fiona for your encouraging comments, and, yes, I am using less pen. I think it was dominating the paintings to much.

Thank you Ibolya.i do love pen and wash but, am trying to get the balance right.

I like your colour palette and composition Seth.

Lovely painting and good colours Seth 😀

Good pen and wash work Seth, I think you have got the balance between pen and watercolour about right. The perspective lines at the upper Windows seems a little out. I always find that problem myself!

Thanks Annick, Linda and Stephen, for your kind comments.

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