Fort Liberia

Fort Liberia

This is a very nice effect. Thanks, Margaret, for telling us how you achieved this. I will try the scrunched up plastic bag ! Also the fort is very good ! I really like this one because it's different and I bet you enjoyed painting it !

I like this one.

For those who want to have go these are part of my lesson notes on the method. of painting the hill......................... ............... 4. Paint the entire rocky hillside with a liberal wash of pale Yellow Ochre. 5. Drop a crumpled plastic bag on the surface and put a small drawing board on top to weight it down. After about 10 minutes remove the plastic bag and allow the textured paint to dry. 6. When it is completely dry, put on a few random touches of masking fluid to denote the path and lightest rocks. Then add a second wash of a warm pinkish brown randomly, with a hake brush, allowing some of the first colour to show. 7. Put a crumpled plastic bag over it as before. (If you are using the same plastic bag each time it might be as well to shield the fort and sky area with some scrap paper or piece of paper towel to avoid getting any unwanted paint on that part of the picture.) 8. When it is dry put on more random masking fluid. Allow to dry. 9. Repeat the process (but without using the masking fluid again) several times using deeper Ochre or Orange or Gold, Burnt Sienna and a light and dark green. Always make sure that all the previous colours are not completely covered up. Each time let it dry thoroughly before the next wash. (The plastic bag can be pulled or stretched to give a direction to the texture but it is best not to be too controlling or it looks contrived.) In this picture the strong sunlight is coming from the left, so make the left of the hill the lightest and the right the darkest. 10. When it is finished and dry remove all the masking fluid. 11. Add any extra touches such as the trees at the top and bottom of the hill but keep the painting of these very loose and not at all detailed. Touch a little light colour into the path and some of the light rocks. If you wish a thin glaze of Ultramarine, or Payne’s Gray (Blue shade) or Indigo could be added on the darkest parts of the hill to shadow it a little more.

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Fort Liberia in the Pyrenees. This is a painting of Fort Liberia, in the Pyrenees. All the hillside was painted with scrunched up plastic bags. You put on some masking fluid and then some paint and then scrunch up a plastic bag and put a drawing board on top on it and weight it down. After about 20 mins dry it off and repeat the process with another colour etc. And keep on going. Great fun but takes ages!

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