Woodland stream

Woodland stream

good one

Lovely, but what is Artrage Anne?

Hello and thank you for your comments. Adele, Artrage is painting software for the computer. I discovered it when i bought my wacom tablet. It's great fun and gives immense satisfaction in using it, albeit you do not have a physical copy of your art. I like to use it when i am too tired to draw or paint physically ( i suffer from Sleep Apnoea). It is not like photoshop in that the software does everything for you, you still have to be able to paint and draw. It actually is a great learning tool, at least i think so for it has really helped me. Its not that expensive either. You can download a full trial copy to try on the Ambient Software site. I also have it on my ipad and will doodle away to my hearts content.

Lovely image Anne. Im very sorry to hear about your condition. I feel tired alot but thats mainly due to my mood.

Hang on Studio Wall

Artrage using oil brush and knife

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Lost my job as a bus driver this year due to excessive sleepiness so enjoying filling my time painting and drawing. I enjoy trying out different mediums from graphite pencil to oil pastels, watercolour, and more and am thoroughly enjoying myself. Partner getting a bit annoyed as my utility room,…

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