Husband and dog in the snow.

Husband and dog in the snow.

It looks suitably freezing. I like the signpost details and the man and dog, with the footprints in the snow makes this a charming scene.

A lovely study Annick. I do like the lilac/gray you have used for the snow - a good alternative to the usual blue - makes it look really cold and bleak. Annick, only 4 more days! I've decided to do the same as you and stop posting daily sketches after 31 January (though I may continue doing daily sketches, I won't post them - less pressure!) It has been fun though! and definitely better having two of us doing it. :)

Lovely, it looks blooming cold though, I hope they haven’t got far to go.

This is lovely Annick. Love the drawing and the limited colours.

Lovely work Annick, you have captured the coldness of the day, it looks great.

This has a certain charm about it Annick, it all gels and a super bold drawing.

Lovely work and a great style 😀

Early light and so cold! You do well sending him out with the dog Annick ;). Lovely painting

Thank you Sarah, I was there as well taking the picture, as long as you keep moving you keep warm.Thank you , Margaret, you are right, it has been a lot of pressure producing a new sketch , painting ,every day for a month, we encouraged each other,it has been fun as well,thank you .Because of you, I am going to try doing a pen and wash outside as much as I can, I did enjoyed sketching in the open, but I won't post them for a while, I need a break.Janet , Mia thank you for your lovely comments,Margaret, you have been so kind to me , always posting a comment from the first day I joined the gallery in November 2017 until now,thank you .Alan , Linda, thank you for for encouraging comments.Carole , you are funny , I was there that day in february 2018, but today he was out wihout me , the wind is cold, thanks for your lovely comment. :))

This would make a lovely illustration in a book. Such a delightful scene executed beautifully.

Thank you Seok for your kind comment.

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