Pip ,my cat.

Pip ,my cat.

Was just going to delete the sketch,as not good enough for gallery,but thanks to you, I am going to leave it there. I appreciate your comment very much.

Please don’t delete it Annick, it’s a terrific little sketch.

Thank you, Margaret, and Fiona for your comments,that are very much appreciated. :)

What sketching is all about Annick. Nice work, do more.

Oh! Don't delete! It's brilliant! So inspired! Love it, Annick!

You can just sense what Pip is thinking!!

I think he is listening to what are up to Annick with the twitch of his ears.

I know that Pip is ready to have a fight with any cats tresspassing .He is keeping a close watch on his territory through the cat 's flap window. :)

He looks just like my cat Annick, he also looks through the cat flap! Great sketch!

Thank you very much for your comment Margaret. :)

Jim, Thalia, Rachel,Carole, many thanks for your kind comments. :)

Do not delete! You have captured perfectly the way a cat sits looking like that, and especially from the back, great little sketch!

Thank you very much Tessa for your kind comment. :)

Hang on Studio Wall

quick sketch with gel pen and water then,edited.

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