Blazing Hot Day

Blazing Hot Day

Great work! So warm.

Posted by T H on Sat 11 Nov 23:26:52

Works on so many levels.

Nice one Annette. I say this all the time here, but jpeg is such a totally inadequate way of looking at artwork, is it on canvas or paper? How big? Some of the brush marks might indicate it's quite small (or big brushes?) Lovely textural qualities too.

Thank you Timothy, Sylvia and Andre for taking the time to comment much appreciated. I need the encouragement! John it was painted on canvas. 60cm x60cm. I tend to use large brushes to start with let the paint dry a little then wipe off large areas then repeat until I get the layers. But your right with this sort of work it's hard to see the texture and layers on our devices.

Hang on Studio Wall

This was painted over another landscape that wasn't working. That's the beauty of acrylics you can change disasters quickly.

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Annette Scholefield

I studied textiles at Huddersfield and then worked in household design. l've not painted for a long time but have recently started again. I prefer painting in a looser style with more expressive brush strokes. Acylic is my preferred medium because of its versatility.

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