Subaru Impreaz WRC - over she goes...

Subaru Impreaz WRC - over she goes...

That's just how I drive around our country lanes (not!). Love this for it's sheer enthusiasm and action. Great painting.

Almost Cartoon style, sorry I am a technican! But great fun to look at Anne!

Posted by Holger . on Thu 24 Mar 22:06:31

Thanks Dac Dac. We used to be able to drive like this, in my Honda Civic Vtech, before the authorities stuck police at every intersection, even on the minor roads where lived in rural Ireland.....Thanks for the comment and as I occasionally drive one of these Subaru Impreza WRC's....they are GREAT FUN to drive. Apologies accepted Holger. Driving one of these cars will bring a smile to anyone's face...and I LOVE driving them......but also don't take my driving to the point of depriving myself (and spectators) of enjoyment, hence the somewhat cartoony approach. See my illustration of me, on my very first drive in a Subaru Impreza WRC.......

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An crylic on paper painting of the famous Subaru Impreza WRC being drivern very fast on a rally stage in France.

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